Frequently Asked Questions


 What is the value of joining the Club?

  1. Dance/Learn to dance in a fun, welcoming social environment
  2. Free admission to all scheduled practice sessions  
  3. Receive the member's discount on:

  • Lessons
  • Dances
  • Special Events

What are the Ballroom Dances?

- Club will focus on the following Ballroom dances: East Coast Swing (single and triple step), Waltz, Foxtrot, American Tango, Rumba, Cha Cha, Night Club Two Step, West Coast Swing

Do I have to know how to ballroom dance to join club?

- Absolutely not.  The Club will be working with area dance instructors and experienced dancers to teach the basic dances.

Are most of the members experienced dancers?

- Absolutely not.  Although some of the members have been dancing for some time, most of the members will be beginning dancers or interested people who want to learn a few steps.

Will I have to dance with different partners?

- Absolutely not.  Because most of us are beginning dancers, we usually dance with a familiar partner.  This is a social activity, much like talking with others at a dinner party, so, if you are comfortable with dancing with others, please do!!

Is the club limited to ballroom dances?

- Yes. The focus will be on social ballroom and not competitive ballroom dances. Other non-competitive dances may be added as interest is seen within the Club.

Where will we dance?

- We will have numerous opportunities to dance at our Ranch facilities but will step out on the town now and then.  Wherever there is good music and a good dance floor.

Can singles join the club?

- Absolutely Any Saddlebrooke Ranch resident can join.

What is Social Dancing Etiquette?

Dance etiquette is a set of guidelines that help us navigate the social dimensions of dancing. Why do we care about dance etiquette? Because it is nice to know how to go about in the dancing circles. It makes the difference between having a happy or unhappy dancing experience, the difference between people wanting, or not wanting to dance with you.

For a more complete guide please see "Social Dancing Etiquette" on the Club website under Documents and Forms.

Is there a dress code for dances?

- Yes. Please see the Club Dress Code policy on the Club website under Documents and Forms.

How much does Club membership cost and how are the dues used?

- Club dues are used for Club expenses such as supplementing dances, website, communications (email, flyers, etc.), administrative costs (paper, ledgers, supplies, etc.), music, and associated equipment. Club dues are per person, for the calendar year, not prorated, not refundable, and not transferable. Club dues are established by the board. Please see the Join the Club web page for current dues information.